what is moviefy

Moviefy ist eine App, mit der du Geschichten im Stadtraum erleben kannst


dive into the story


become the hero of the story


discover your city from a new perspective

easy to use

your phone can stay put in your pocket

We created 12 stories to experience within the city of Karlsruhe. They are part of Karlsruhe Week of Literature and let you experience literature in a completely new way. Become part of the stories and get to know Karlsruhe from different angles.

the idea

discover your city anew
moviefy plays on reality

Moviefy is an app, which enables a completely new way of story telling - stories you can experience while walking through the city. Moviefy plays audio tracks according to your position and lets you and your environment become part of the story. Like a movie, Moviefy playfully creates a whole universe following its own rules, creating its own characters and moods. This is why we call the main principle behind Moviefy "Moviefication".

the team behind moviefy

moviefy is a project by Fabian Eck and Sophie Burger

Fabian Eck

technical implementation
Fabian has envisioned Moviefy since 2013 when he co-created the interactive performance “Money Talks”. Audience members could take on the role of a private investigator and solve a quest while discovering the city of Marburg. Fabian sees Moviefy as a tool to create unique urban experiences.

Sophie Burger

project management
Sophie loves stories of all kind and has worked in several artistic mediums before creating her own story telling medium with Moviefy. Moviefy for her is a perfect match between physical experience and imaginative layers of fiction which augment reality in a simple yet fascinating way.

We are looking for beta-testers for new stories in Karlsruhe, Germany!

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